Policy, Risk and Environmental Programs

The Department of Policy, Risk & Environmental Programs (PREP) combines several closely aligned functions –the Office of Policy & Compliance, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance, the Department of Environmental Health Services, and the Departments of Central Receiving — into one unit in the Division of Operations.

PREP is strategically positioned to:

  • Visualize safety and business risks from a broader, institutional perspective, and view legal and regulatory compliance as a part of the overall institutional risk profile
  • Treat policy development as part of the overall risk assessment and resolution process
  • Develop shared databases and processes for addressing compliance, training, and safety issues.

PREP is headed by:

  • Robert Schur, Executive Director of PREP and head of the Office of  Policy & Compliance
  • Sally Alexander, Director of Risk Management & Insurance and Chief Risk Officer for the University
  • Jim Graham, Director of Environmental Health Services
  • Steve Burn, Director of the Departments of Central Receiving

Value Statement:

We, the members of the Department of Policy, Risk and Environmental Programs (PREP), hold these values with respect to the work assigned to us, the manner in which we interact with others, and the relationships we build in the course of performing our duties:

  • Be accountable. We will strive to learn from mistakes, respond promptly and honestly to complaints and criticism, take responsibility for tasks that rightly belong to us, report fully to supervisors, and show results for the investment made in our programs.
  • Serve the institution. We will conduct all activities with only the best interests of the University, its Board of Governors, and the State of Colorado in mind.
  • Be civilly and socially responsible: We will strive to maintain the moral, ethical and social justice aims of the University and to advance these values over expediency when the two conflict.
  • Promote freedom of expression: We will place a high value on policies and practices that promote academic freedom, freedom of speech and of the press, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom to be diverse and to thrive in our community, and freedom of association.
  • Promote inclusiveness and diversity: PREP will be an effective tool for the diversity efforts of the University by facilitating and promoting policies and practices that actualize diversity goals.
  • Enable and support academic and research innovation: PREP will contribute by crafting compliance and risk management solutions that support, not stifle, the academic and research activities of our students, faculty and staff, and that seek to manage risk without undermining the benefits of such activities.
  • Promote opportunity and access: PREP will be an important resource for the entire University community to have a participatory role in risk management, policy development and compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that we are responsible to enforce.
  • Demonstrate Professionalism and Respect. We will conduct business in a professional manner with transparency, integrity, and fairness to all involved. We will act all times with the utmost respect for the dignity of all persons with whom we interact.